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At IT Works, our mission is to reduce the physical, emotional and financial cost of disability through the integration of traditional and complementary care approaches. We take pride in providing coordination of care with physicians and case managers to provide patients with optimum results.

Chronic pain symptoms range from mild to severe and affect everyone differently. At IT Works we will evaluate and assess your symptoms and circumstances thoroughly to customize a personal, effective treatment plan.

IT Works provides the highest level of patient care, using a hands-on approach that could decrease your need for medications, expensive tests and risky surgeries.

We can accommodate various needs through all that we have to offer: Physical Therapy, Medical Massage Therapy, Acupuncture.

At IT Works we strive to help you achieve your goals, including: reducing pain and discomfort, increasing overall function, increasing mobility/flexibility, reducing dependence on medication and functioning better in your daily life.

If you need physical therapy, the decision of where you receive treatment is up to you. Consider IT Works for personalized, professional services including Physical Therapy, Medical Massage Therapy and Acupuncture.

Along with our friendly, professional environment at IT Works, our sister company in Royal Oak provides support through Clinical Psychology, Licensed Addiction Specialist and Herbal Detoxification. You may find that functional, traditional, integrative and neuropathic medicine may be helpful in your recovery.

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